Dance Center Leaps Forward With Renewed Purpose
Summer 2017 Offers Many Opps
April 11, 2018
Greater York Dance Wellspan Partnership Cares For Our Dancers
June 27, 2018

Our new logo, updated mission and website are here! Thank you to everyone who assisted, especially Anthony from California for sharing his design talents with us!!!

“As we venture forward, the dance center has evolved. We are no longer just a ballet school as founded in 1971. In addition, there are dance schools that do competitions and one recital a year and that’s what people thought we did”, said Artistic Director, Lori Garling. “On the flipside, others thought we only had conservatory type classes for career-minded dancers. The Greater York Center for Dance Education (Greater York Dance), a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, is so much more and seeks to be knit into the cultural fabric of the community and truly and authentically make a difference with dance and the arts. As we begin our 45th season, we have a refreshed mission as a nonprofit, educational organization.”

Here are a few things that we do as a nonprofit in our community:

  • Scholarships are available through Dance It Forward program to students so that children may have a dance opportunity with no regard to their ability to pay and for gifted students who need support in order to succeed in the dance world.
  • A thrust is on joining with the City of York and creating a presence there through classes at the Strand and participation in special events. Classes are also offered at the York Country Day School.
  • Many students of the center are collegiate and gaining hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships as they graduate high school. The York County dancers move forward successfully in a wide variety of careers from dance and the performing arts to medicine, education and law.
  • The faculty teaches using the growth mindset and believes that everyone can achieve. They engage students by offering a vast array of challenges plus use positive feedback and performance opportunities to inspire.

The updated Mission & Philosophy is:
Our mission is to provide positive, healthy and enriching dance experiences to the people of the South Central PA region. Students of all levels, ages and abilities may choose programs of interest according to their personal priority with no regard to their ability to pay. Captivating audiences through performances and outreach that promote a lifelong enjoyment of the performing arts is a core value.

The Greater York Center for Dance Education is committed to enriching the lives of others on a regional scope and strives to be an artistic anchor and a charitable constant in the community; a bridge to fulfillment in the arts. The center is:

  • a School (offering diverse “dancexperiences” that include difference styles of music; dance genre and intensities of training; all ages including classes for older adults)
  • a Youth Ballet Company (Midstate Ballet)
  • an Outreach Program (Dance It Forward)
  • a Presenter of Performances & Special Community Events (Hip Nut, Nutcracker Ballet, June Show, Studio Showcases)

Creating healthy, athletic programs based on proper technique, by producing multi-faceted “dancexperiences” for everyone is now an even bigger priority. These changes reflect an expanded focus on the Pennsylvania midstate with a major commitment to helping everyone to “dance their lives”.

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