Imagine Being Part Of A Passionate, Diverse, Nonprofit Center For Dance With A Mashup Of Opportunities For The Entire Family

Greater York Dance serves as the region’s nonprofit center for dance education, performing company and dance arts entertainment group. Greater York Dance offers the highest level of service and instruction in the region, elite performances and training opportunities, and dedicated outreach activities that promote a lifelong enjoyment of the performing arts.


We Provide Positive, Healthy
And Enriching Dance Experiences To The People Of The South Central Pa Region.

Students of all levels, ages and aspirations may choose programs of interest according to their dance priority with no regard to their ability to pay.



Greater York Dance collaborates with artists and artistic organizations, as well as other nonprofit community groups, public and private schools, and service providers to offer dance education classes, lectures and performances in an effort to enrich the lives of others and affording everyone to DANCE their entire lives!

The school’s curriculum meets the needs of the casual dancer and theatre arts student as well as the student on a collegiate, commercial, ballet or professional career track. The center’s mission is to serve the community by providing positive and healthy “dancexperiences” to people of all ages and abilities.

Enriching the lives of others and striving to be an anchor in the community and a bridge to fulfillment in the arts sums up the passionate purpose of everyone at Greater York Dance.

We Are Committed To


We are committed to enriching the lives of others on a regional scope and strive to be an artistic anchor and a charitable constant in our community and a bridge to fulfillment in the arts. We wish to link arts, education and community.

We love to produce multi-faceted dancexperiences for everyone that we are able to reach. We pride ourselves in the diversity of the experiences we offer.

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    SCHOOL OFEarly Childhood

    At Greater York Dance, inspiring the young dancer is our joy! Classes are available for children ages 2 and up. Our Early Childhood Classes provide young children with a strong foundation in dance to branch out into any dance, modeling, music or theatre area as their future unfolds.

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    SCHOOL OFCommercial Dance

    Classes are offered in a variety of performing arts subjects with a focus on street and stage performances in the SCHOOL OF COMMERCIAL DANCE. This program is the division for many programs from Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Acro, Breakdancing, and more.

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    SCHOOL OFBallet

    At Greater York Dance, ballet is our expertise and the cornerstone of all programs. Students will receive only the finest training from faculty who have specific knowledge of our syllabus, philosophy and legacy. Ballet classes are offered to anyone who wishes to learn from Beginner to Pre-professional.



Our Story Begins In 1971 When The School Was Founded By Shana Garling In Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania Under The Name “Shana Garling’s School Of Ballet”.

Mrs. Garling was the only instructor and also served as president, administrator, choreographer, secretary/treasurer, and more. The first dance performance was h at Northeastern High School, Manchester and featured approximately 40 students who studied once or twice a week. Many things have changed over the years, but Shana Garling’s dream of exciting the heart, mind, soul, and spirit through dance remains.

Today, We Are Grateful For


Greater York Dancers are everywhere. From Boston to Disney World and many places in between, our productions are greatly received. With community and collaboration as our focus, we are ready to bring dance to all people.

In 2019, we performed at Disney World on New Year’s Day! GYDancers have performed with the York Symphony Orchestra many times. Collaboration is one of our primary goals for our community.




  • “The Greater York Dance organization impressed us with their level of professionalism within their operations, as well as their performances. We were welcomed immediately and everyone involved made the transition into dance a very smooth process. We thank the Greater York Center for Dance Education for assisting our daughter in developing her passion for dance.”
    -The Delgado Family
  • “I would recommend Greater York Dance to Any of my friends that had children interested in dance.  The center offers so many styles of dance at so many levels.  If you have a little princess that wants to twirl in a pretty tutu, an energetic son that wants to hip hop, or a child that wants to get serious with ballet this is the place.  We have been through all stages of dance here and have enjoyed them all!!  I can’t stress the variety that is available.  I have three children and we have been a part of the GYDance family for 12 years now!!  So many opportunities have been available for my children and the center has helped them grow leaps and bounds as dancers as well as confident artistic children!  We are blessed to be a part of this organization!!”
    -Allison Lebouitz
  • My daughter has grown up here! The directors have created a nurturing, well rounded curriculum emphasizing proper technique and safe training. Their approach encourages personal growth along with expert training. The directors are very well connected to the ballet world and routinely bring in teachers from outside of the area.
    Patrick Potter, Dance Parent, Volunteer
  • Greater York Dance = Outstanding Dance Training! Greater York Dance fosters a love for dance. They provide a well-rounded dance education and provide a variety of dance styles for all ages and levels. They specialize in classical ballet and can take you to the next level of your dance training (professional dance level as well as college level). They provide the highest standard of dance education for everyone. Dance training provides creative thinking, well-organized children, increased time management, increased self-esteem, as well as a community of friendship and a love for dance. This is the place to be if you are looking for top-notch dance training as well as lots of fun!
    Jill Snell, Former Dance Parent, Volunteer
  • Taking dance and participating in the company saved me emotionally, many, many times and is why I direct and choreography musicals at my school. I want to provide my students with the joy and fulfillment that I felt from every practice and performance I was able to have. Dancing has always made me feel alive!!!
    Carolyn Mottern, Former Dancer
  • I took dance class for many years with Shana, and I loved every minute of it! This is why I love music and dance even now, years later.
    Lisa Amspacher, Former Student
  • GYD has taught me the values of life through the discipline and passion of dance. My dance teachers Shana, Lori & Mindy not only taught Ballet an Jazz technique but life skills, and helped me grow as a performer, choreographer and dance educator. Studying at GYD empowers you to dance beyond the physical body, to dance from the heart, and educates you how to move efficiently to achieve the technique. Dance is a gift, and GYD shared that gift with me. I am thankful beyond words to give back, as a dance teacher under their wings. Inspired by the professional teachers that taught me, I dedicated my life to pursuing a dance career. When you study at GYD, you discover you are the architect of your dreams. Together, we can start building your dreams one plie at a time.
    Ak Mullen, Former Student, Faculty
  • Congratulations on three beautiful performances! You all do an amazing job and the professionalism, passion and hard work is apparent. And I have to mention the choreography... such amazing talent. We are very fortunate. I am so pleased that Delaney is gaining this experience and proud that she is part of the GY Dance family. We thoroughly enjoyed this season and look forward to more this summer and fall!
    - Susan Welter