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Below you will find a lot of important information needed to organize your dance experience.


This is an exciting time for dancers at Greater York Dance. It is the time when hundreds of students of all ages join our dance programs and another school year unfolds. We are fortunate to have the best faculty engaged in teaching and inspiring students of all ages, levels and aspirations. The combination of music and movement allows students to express themselves and to study a broad range of styles with a solid foundation in Ballet (ABT® National Training Curriculum) and Dance (partnership with Studios from LA).

Our main educational goal is to provide inspiration and education to our students in an environment of health. We are fortunate to have the physicians of Wellspan Ortho to watch over and guide our dancers. As you explore our programs, you will learn about our schools of dance: The School of Early Childhood, The School of Ballet and the School of Commercial Dance. At Greater York Dance, you will choose your schedule based on what styles of dance you enjoy. And don’t forget to check out our PERFORMING COMPANIES (Midstate Ballet, Midstate Musical Theatre and the GYDance Crew) along with TRAVEL & TOURING opportunities this season. Watch for FLASH FRIDAYS which will have one time or short term dance classes based on popular demand. Greater York Dance has partnered with a group from Los Angeles, CA that will offer LIVE-STREAMING CLASSES from LA with world famous instructors as part of a MASTER CLASS SERIES for those who want a little more.

Many of our young dancers will have their first performance at the Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center in the Nutcracker Ballet or the Hip Nut. Our tiniest tots along with all the students of the school will dance in the December Visitor’s Showcases, and in the June DanceFest. We will celebrate and share family joy and student achievement. Thousands will watch our dancers and be taken away with the arts and applaud a well-deserved “thank you” for a job well done as our performance season unfolds. And, did you know that we have several students currently on college scholarships up to $30,000 per year for dance at top universities across the country? Be assured that we have the knowledge and offer the support that can take you to your dreams. We even house the DANCE IT FORWARD Outreach program that provides dance training to students with no regard to their ability to pay.

It all starts with small beginnings and ends as we proudly watch our students thrive in dance when they graduate to go onward and reach for their life’s goals. We are equally proud of those who may only study with us for a brief period of time. You see, our joy is to share this extraordinary art form. We look forward to the coming season with our dance family.

Go to GYDance.org, Student Center

– Create an account or Log into your account
 – Select Your Classes
– $35 Membership will be added plus
 1st month’s Tuition to reserve your space
– Release of Liability needs acknowledged
– Policies are on the website and agreement 
with them is a condition of enrollment

Class, Private & Semi-Private Instruction Offered
We offer over 70 classes per week for your dancing convenience. We also offer Private, & Semi-Private Instruction or Coaching according to the dance interest and priority of the student. Students who wish to advance at an accelerated pace are encouraged to take classes and supplement with private instruction. Focused private or semi-private instruction can change a student’s dance experience altogether. Students may also wish to work on competition or special performance material and be coached.

Need help selecting your classes?
Attend one of our Meet The Director Open Houses or
 Schedule a meeting or call with our directors by emailing CustomerService@gydance.org or calling 717-755-MOVE (6683).

Dress Code for Class

We recommend that dance supplies be purchased from

If something you need is out of stock, please email and we will help you to find it elsewhere.  CustomerService@gydance.org

Dress Code

Dress Code Guidelines for Performance

    • Headpieces are to be worn on the RIGHT side and should be secured with bobby pins or sewn into place.  Be sure to “X” bobby pins. Hats should be punctured with a scissors or pin and then pinned in place.
    • Bodystockings worn under costumes should have straps regular and not X’d.
    • Clean Dance Shoes, please.
    • No jewelry is to be worn; small stud earrings are acceptable
    • No Gum or candy backstage.
    • Clear nail polish preferred (and only thing allowed for ballet/modern).
    • Unless otherwise specified, straps should meet like a “V” in the back.
    • No underpants are to be worn under tights or costumes.
    • DANCERS who perform in more than one dance must arrive wearing a tan/nude colored leotard.
      Depending on the costuming, any dancer may be asked to provide a tan/nude colored leotard.
    • Do not sunbathe and get tan lines or burnt bodies and bright red faces; they are not attractive onstage under those bright lights.
    • No eyeglasses may be worn onstage.
    •  MAKE UP KITS may be ordered online in the preferred colors.


Non-discrimination Policy
Greater York Dance is open to everyone regardless of age, gender, color, religion, and national or ethnic origin or status. We value diversity and do not discriminate. Policies listed are for everyone.

Communication   HOW WE COMMUNICATE
GYDance.org, Student Center
GYDance Facebook Page
GYDance Twitter
Monthly Email Infoletters & Bulletin Boards
Dancer Progress Reports
Please note: Faculty is unable to answer questions 
between classes. Go to the Main Office FRONT DESK or Email CustomerService@gydance.org.

Please park in the rear of the building and enter the Dance Center using the rear (Eastern Blvd) entrance. Only staff is permitted to park in the front (East Market Street) of the building per request by our landlord.

For the safety of the children, we ask that parents come to the waiting room to drop off and pick up students. Only older students should be crossing the parking lot to a waiting car. Students and parents may not “hang out” outside the building (unless in a car). No student may leave the premises (to walk to area restaurants) after being dropped off without written parental consent on file with the office.

Greater York Dance prohibits the abuse of alcohol, drugs, tobacco on studio property or at Greater York Dance events.

Please be advised that the dance center office is not open every moment that there are classes. If you have safety concerns for your child if someone is not at the front desk when your child is in class, we suggest that you wait in the lobby for them.

Lost & Found & Orders
The lost and found “bin” is located in the waiting area. Greater York Dance is not responsible for loss of or damage to personal property. Please label property including dancewear, clothing and shoes with student’s name.

You will be notified of any items that you have ordered.  Failure to pick them up within 90 days will forfeit said items.

Dancers who have long rehearsals or classes often need to pack a healthy lunch or snacks. Water should be a main source of refreshment. Clear drinks like Powerade are also acceptable. No food or drinks are permitted in the studios, dressing rooms or stage. No gum anywhere.

Viewing Windows
We are thrilled to have studio viewing windows. They will be open whenever possible at the discretion of the instructor.

Visitors’ Week & Studio Showcase
Visitor’s Weeks are scheduled each Winter – New! – December Studio Showcase and Spring (May/June), and following Summer program camps and specific classes. These weeks are a great opportunity for you to experience the joy, hard work and dedication that your student demonstrates. At the Spring visitation, parents will be invited to see the dance and then will receive important information in regards to the Greater York Dance June Show performances.

A Few Reminders While Observing:

      • Manage the behavior of younger siblings during class.
      • Please silence all cell phones.
      • Enjoy photography and/or video recording of the class and your student!!!

Attendance Policies
Attendance will be taken in each class. Students who wish to participate in performances must have regular attendance. Those who do not attend regularly may be pulled from performing with the class. This is in fairness to those attending regularly to keep the class progressing.

Dress Rehearsal is mandatory and those who fail to attend these important performance rehearsals especially those noted as mandatory should not expect to be included in the performance(s) or special event(s).

Please report absences on our website, Contact Us.

Illness or Injury
Students who are ill should not come to class. You are the best judge of your child’s health, and we trust you will not bring a sick child to the studio. However, if in the opinion of the teaching staff your child is sick, we will ask you to take your child home. The following criteria will be considered in determining if your child should go home:

      • Fever of 100 degrees or more
      • Flu – with or without fever
      • Inflammation of the eyes
      • Vomiting
      • More than one incidence of diarrhea
      • Communicable disease
    • Injured dancers are encouraged to come observe class so they remain familiar with class content.

Class Make-up Policy
All Students may make up missed classes by attending another class at or below their current level anytime through May of the season. Feel you missed a lesson? No problem… make it up!  We generally allow a maximum of 4 make up lessons per season.


      • Students with allergies must indicate this when registering prior to the first lesson. Please note this in your online account under Medical Information.  We ask that parents of students who have serious allergies, especially to things like nuts, remain with their child at all times at rehearsals and performances.
      • Students with disabilities should be revealed when registering by emailing us.
      • Students with severe allergies or medical issues need to have a parent stay close by and volunteer at rehearsals and performances for safety.
    • No eyeglasses will be permitted onstage at performances or rehearsals leading up to them. Students will be asked to take glasses off. Wearing eyeglasses in class is also discouraged for reasons of safety.

Holidays, Closings and Inclement Weather
Holidays and weather/unusual circumstance closings are listed on Facebook, Greater York Dance page. Often WGAL-TV 8 or ABC 27 news stations list our cancellations. Decisions to cancel classes due to inclement weather will be made on a case-by-case basis by the directors of Greater York Dance and most often follow the decisions of area school districts and colleges. Refunds are not given for classes not held, but the Class Make-up Policy will apply. Weather can vary greatly from one area to another. If classes are not canceled, but threatening weather conditions in your area make it unsafe for you to drive to us, please use your discretion and stay home.

Parents, family and friends are encouraged to get involved and volunteer.

Greater York Dance maintains proper safeguards, but makes no representations, either expressed or implied, regarding physical capabilities of any student, although activities are planned to meet the overall requirement of each level. Greater York Dance or its representatives or employees are not responsible for injuries of dancers, parents, friends or visitors. Dancing, like any other activity, has risks. Each dancer is responsible for their medical insurance and anyone injured on the premises including offsite events or performances are responsible for medical treatment, time off work, and all liability.

Mandated Reporting
By law, staff members are mandated reporters.  This means that staff must report information to the proper authorities if they suspect any harm has come to a student.

Acceptance Of All Policies
Although we try to include as many of our policies as possible, there are some policies which may only appear on our website or in written materials created by us or verbal. You agree to all policies upon enrollment.

Behavior & Dance Etiquette

Behavior & Dance Etiquette
Dance Etiquette consists of courtesy and good manners. Because dance is fun and exciting and all of our dancers are here because they want to be, rarely are there discipline issues in the studio. We expect courteous, polite and respectful behavior of all who participate in our program.

Professional behavior means being respectful of directors, faculty, facility, art form, and fellow artists; behavior that compromises our good name is unacceptable. TEAMWORK is EXPECTED of everyone. This keeps our dance family healthy.

It is the responsibility of each parent/guardian to regulate their dance and any siblings or visitors while in the waiting area. This includes no running, yelling, or disrespectful behavior in the building. Children are asked to be seated or to enjoy parent supervised play in the children’s play area. We offer free coffee and a big screen TV for your pleasure.

Note: Students may be dismissed for poor behavior or attitude or social media posts that could be perceived as negative against Greater York Dance, it’s instructors, programs, directors, dancers or that could be perceived “not positive”; all monies are forfeited and account balances are due immediately. Greater York Dance needs to be a DRAMA FREE ZONE for the peace and joy of all the artists.

Guidelines for the Classroom
Chewing gum, eating, drinking, talking, sitting down, smoking, leaning against the wall or poor attitude are all unacceptable forms of behavior during a dance class as they would be on stage in front of an audience. Students are expected to arrive dressed for class and on time.

No Street Shoes On Dance Floors as they bring dirt onto the dance area. Put dance shoes on just prior to class while inside.

Electronic Devices including cell phones must be kept out of the classroom by students. No electronic devices may be used inside the studios or during performances or rehearsals unless invited. Absolutely NO recording may be done – in any format – unless you are specifically invited to do so by the Artistic Director, or it is announced as a social media blitz event.

Those not willing to follow the dress code and Greater York Dance policies and standards will not be able to participate.

Artistic Decisions

Artistic Decisions
Artistic Decisions are related to vision, staff, repertoire, sets, choreography, costuming, music, casting, technical training, dancers’ rules and regulations and production. Please remember that there are three essential elements to the success of any performing arts: an idea, an artist and the audience. Vision is not static. It is something that changes and evolves over time, and we respect our Artistic Director and these freedoms. Matters regarding artistic decisions are a closed subject. The dynamics created by parental pressures to cast, level or line-up are unhealthy for everyone, and the directors have set this boundary. They will gladly share their input as to areas of accomplishment or improvement when feedback is requested.

Class Placement
Class placement is based on ability and age appropriateness of the techniques being taught. A dancer’s progress is dependent upon the consistency and frequency of training, just like any other athlete. Technical work is presented in a sequential, graded format to meet the needs of each student who seeks quality training, enrichment and physical fitness; quality of training is never diminished regardless of the number of classes taken. Students remain in the same level until the skills to progress to the next level are achieved. The School of Early Childhood has specific ages groupings, so that parents are assured a quality and appropriate classroom atmosphere.

Class placement is unique to each student and involves a variety of factors such as:

  • focus

  • individual maturity level

  • work talent / work ethic

  • attitude

  • growth

  • natural abilities

Financial Information

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 3.09.02 AM

Performing Student Info

Performance Dues
Greater York Dance offers performance opportunities for students and most of our classes are considered to be performing classes with an invitation to perform in the December Studio Showcase and the June Show. Student Performance Dues are an annual fee necessary to keeping performance costs down, supplying performance costumes for students, rental of facilities, sound equipment, music editing, theatre directors and backstage crew required by the facility, sound/lighting, props/sets/backdrops and student awards. This one time annual dues allows Greater York Dance to continue offering professional quality performances year after year. As a result, performance costumes are not sold. We often do give a free costume to the School of Early Childhood students as it is a time when the special memories begin! Once paid, there are no refunds.

NEW! Performance Dues may be paid monthly for students taking 3 or more performing classes/week as follows: 
3 performing classes/week – 9 payments of $10/month (Sept to May); 4 performing classes/week – 9 payments of $20/month (Sept to May); etc.

Greater York Dance has performed across the country and offers many performance options for dancers for over 45 years.

Hip Hop Crews (members accepted by audition in May and again in September if there are openings)
Hip Hop Crews – Hip Hop & Breakdancing

Midstate Musical Theatre
The group performs in a Kids Musical Theatre Production, Disney Jr productions

Prima Performers
Dance company for young performers ages 4-7

Midstate Ballet
A pre-professional youth ballet of classical and contemporary dance

Participating in the December Studio Showcase & June Show
– with your weekly class
– as a member of one of the above companies or teams

Participating in the Nutcracker Ballet Production held at the Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center each December

Participating in the Hip Nut Production held at the Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center each December

Youth America Grand Prix, International Ballet Competition  One of our dancers placed in the Top 12 in 2016.

June Show Performing Details

The June Shows feature all the performing students of Greater York Dance.

School of Early Childhood Showcase

Fri June 16 7pm show (incl. Aladdin excerpts)
and Sat, June 17 1pm show (incl. Full Aladdin)

Early Childhood Showcase, Ballet & Modern Works, Hip Hop, Jazz & Tap

Most Greater York Dance classes are Performance Classes and will be participating in the June Show(s). In addition to class dues, dancers pay Performance Dues per performing class selected. When a student enrolls (unless they select a technique only class), they become a PERFORMING STUDENT for the December Studio Showcase and the June Show.  Please note: This is NOT a costume fee as we do not sell costumes; we provide or lend the appropriate attire needed for what is being presented. Once paid, there are no refunds. Dancers opting out of performance will need to complete an Opt Out form.

From February to May, the faculty works on the June Show performance material during a portion of each class (Exception – Technique only classes such as Ballet are schedule for separate variations classes if student wishes to perform).  It is very helpful and important that dancers not miss class during the weeks leading up to the show. Excessive absences may lead to being excluded from performing. Each performing dancer is given a special award.

Other performing opportunities are available from time to time, based on the dancer’s level of interest such as the Nutcracker Ballet, the Hip Nut, performing with the Midstate Ballet, Prima Performers, Midstate Musical Theatre and Hip Hop Crews.

Important Dates
By allowing your child to participate in the June Show, you are committing yourself and/or your child to the following dates and events listed on the Greater York Dance Season Calendar of Events. As the season progresses, additional June Show information and updates will be listed in your online account documents and or the bulletin board near Studio B. Our goal is to make the June Show an organized, exciting experience for everyone involved. It’s a team effort; students, their parents, the teachers, and the directors are key players in the show’s success.  Dress rehearsal(s) are absolutely mandatory to participation.

The deadline for all account balances due is June 1. If a student withdraws or is dismissed from class for any reason, any fees paid are forfeited (along with any costumes).

Tickets to the June Show performances will go on sale in March. Check the online calendar for specifics dates/times. All accounts must have a zero balance before any family member may purchase tickets. All tickets are reserved seating and may be purchased online. Due to fire laws, everybody attending the show who sits in a seat will need a ticket. Children under 3 may be held on a lap. There are no ticket refunds.

Volunteering At Performances
Adults of Greater York Dance families who are interested in volunteering to help backstage are welcome. SIGN UPS ARE ONLINE – SEVERAL WEEKS PRIOR TO PERFORMANCES. Individuals are needed for front of house sales, sewing, detailing/helping with the children backstage (Dressing Room Assistant) and many other capacities.

Our Dressing Room Directors work very hard to put an efficient system in place, and we ask that all volunteers rely on their experience, follow their instructions and work together as a team to make the children’s dance experience a FUN one.

Dressing Room Assistants are needed for each class to supervise the dancers during both dress rehearsal and the performance.

Another way to help is by donating needed items for our performances.

The June Show will have a Yearbook. You are able to place an ad with photo or text or just a fun message to your dancer with a 1 line message. Support your dancer and support Greater York Dance! Hundreds of people will receive the book at no charge.

Detailing For Performance

Costumes are either given or lent to you or supplied by the dancer you and items that are given will be distributed prior to the performance usually in May. Items that we will be lending to you are transported by Greater York Dance Detailing to the theatre.

. Students should not wear any part of their costumes, accessories, or tights prior to the dress rehearsal or performance so to keep it looking sparkling and new.

Alterations are needed on occasion and may be the responsibility of the student.

Important note: No Eyeglasses are to be worn onstage unless a student’s sight is so impaired that it is a disability.

Please place YOUR NAME on all belongings.

Dress Code Guidelines for Performance

    • Headpieces are to be worn on the RIGHT side and should be secured with bobby pins or sewn into place.  Be sure to “X” bobby pins. Hats should be punctured with a scissors or pin and then pinned in place.
    • Bodystockings worn under costumes should have straps regular and not X’d.
    • Clean Dance Shoes, please.
    • No jewelry is to be worn; small stud earrings are acceptable
    • No Gum or candy backstage.
    • Clear nail polish preferred (and only thing allowed for ballet/modern).
    • Unless otherwise specified, straps should meet like a “V” in the back.
    • No underpants are to be worn under tights or costumes.
    • DANCERS who perform in more than one dance must arrive wearing a tan/nude colored leotard.
      Depending on the costuming, any dancer may be asked to provide a tan/nude colored leotard.
    • Do not sunbathe and get tan lines or burnt bodies and bright red faces; they are not attractive onstage under those bright lights.
    • No eyeglasses may be worn onstage.
    • MAKE-UP KITS will be available with all the best colors.

Hip Nut Performing Details

Coming soon for Hip Nut 2016

Nutcracker Ballet Performing Details

Coming soon for Nutcracker Ballet 2016


Volunteer Links for Clearances

Calendar of Important Dates

Season Calendar

Midstate Ballet Handbook


2016 INFO

Dress Code

Each Midstate Ballet dancer needs an official Mirella leotard, M207 (child) or M210 LD (adult) in Black.

Company members need class leotards in the colors listed below in Capezio CC101:

ABT Level 1A/1B – WHITE
ABT Level 2/3 – LAVENDAR
ABT Levels 4+ – BLACK*
Company members in ABT Levels 4+ may wear any black leotard, black legline; Preferred is: BLACK Mirella Princess Seamed Camisole Leo M207 or M210 LD.

Note: New ballet shoes are needed for performances.

  • Pink (female) Bloch Proflex SO200L
  • Levels 2 & up need pink ribbons sewn onto their ballet shoes for all classes and performances; other levels may have this requirement, depending on role
  • Pointe shoes (female) / need 3 “ready” broken in pair AT ALL TIMES; style & fit to be approved by the Artistic Director; DO NOT wait until two weeks before the show to purchase new shoes. Have a needle and pink thread READY to baste pointe shoe ribbons inside for performances
  • Black split-sole leather jazz shoes – T7702
  • Black character shoes – 2″ heel (T3200), females only
  • Male: Black pair and a white pair Bloch Split-sole leather ballet shoes w/canvas insert (Style # SO203)

All Female Students Need:
Ballet Pink tights (T5500), convertible
Black and Suntan (T5500), convertible
Rhinestone earrings, post style/round cut-apprx 1 ct size to be worn at all performances (may be worn in class)
Bodystocking Nude Leotard with Low Back (D5100)
Black character skirt may be needed to be supplied by the dancer
Bra, if needed

All Male Students Need:
Black and White Tights (Baltogs Style # 808F)  white for performance only; black for class/performance
Dance belt
Thin white socks
Black ankle pant (Bodywrappers Style # 976 – Adult or #121 – Child)
Plain white (male) and plain black T-shirt (tucked-in, tight enough to see torso
Black Jazz Pants (N5504C)

All Dancer Need:

MAKE UP KITS may be ordered online in the preferred colors.
The official cover-up consists of:
Greater York Dance Jacket (females)
Black Greater York Dance Sweatshirt (males)
GYDance T-shirt (all)
The above cover-up is to be worn to all performances and rehearsals at places other than Greater York Dance, and whenever else specified.

Thick socks or “mukluks” to wear over shoes (to prevent floor waxes to cause slipping on performance shoes; not washed in fabric softener, so no slip).

Notebook, pencil; yoga mat and big yoga ball

A Guide for Students and Parents of Company Members


since 1971, our school has been a leader in dance education. We believe that our success comes as a result of providing solid training and quality service, along with an underlying belief that we do it all for the LOVE OF DANCE. We have created this handbook to offer you a clear understanding of the Midstate Ballet.


Always contact: CustomerService@gydance.org

You may also call 755-MOVE (6683) if you need information during office hours. If you are requesting a meeting, please supply a complete agenda of your needs and questions with that request.   If you have not heard back within the week, please contact the office again. Please do not go to the Artistic Director as a first choice. There is a system of communication in place in order to free the directors to do their duties of artistic nature.
Please do NOT send messages to the directors or staff on Facebook. They cannot keep up with so many messages at so many places. NEVER message a teacher or member of GYDance staff at home or on social media or contact them in any way, without first notifying the director(s). Doing so is grounds for dismissal.

Company members need to “friend” LA Pergament” on FACEBOOK and then request to be added to the Company private page.  We recommend this for both parent and dancer (if old enough).

Being a member of our private Company Facebook page plus logging in frequently or signing up for notifications is essential to being an informed and responsible company member. 

 Midstate Ballet Company members also need to be added to the private online Company Calendar.

  • Communication: We make all announcements on the Midstate Ballet Private Facebook Page. Contact the office first if you need assistance so that the directors may be freed to do their creative and artistic work.

For Our Dancers

Congratulations! As a member of the company, the first step to becoming a successful dancer is making a solid commitment to your classes, rehearsals, and performances. Strong technique is a key ingredient and class is where you develop that technique. Come to each class prepared to learn and without personal distractions. Class time is your chance to focus on yourself, so try to leave your concerns or worries at the studio door. True progress is made when you look at each class, rehearsal, or performance as an opportunity to become better at what you love to do. Dance full-out, stretch a little further, become more aware of your technique, and make the most of every class.

We encourage dancers to be as dedicated to their academic studies as they are to their dance training. If your participation in this program affects your grades or the expectations and goals set by your parents, we cannot allow you to continue in the program.

Reasons why this program might not be a good fit for you:

  • You’re involved in extracurricular activities that are more important to you than your dance activities.
  • You’re doing it because you want to keep up with your friends, but you are not passionate about dance nor the commitment.
  • You’re doing it because your parent(s) insist.
  • You’re primarily focused on yourself and do not respect teamwork.
  • You’re not fully committed to attending all classes and rehearsals.
  • You like to create drama.

Student Responsibilities

  • Pay close attention to any corrections given individually and to others.  Learn to apply all corrections and realize the reason they are being given is so you may improve to your personal best. Understand that your hard work and effort are integral parts of your progress.
  • Please do not wear eyeglasses in class if at all possible.
  • Commit to a 5-15 minute silent warm-up prior to class; no texting or phones; should be at the studio door WAITING for the instructor to invite them to class.  Instructors should not have to go out into the waiting room to track down their class of dancers.
  • If you arrive late, come in ready to work and quietly warm up to begin.  It is a common practice of respect when those who arrive late apologize to the teacher as you enter to take the class and ask permission to participate. No need to be upset about it.
  • For reasons of safety, dancers are expected to take all classes and warm-ups prior to scheduled rehearsals.  Without proper warm-up, dancers risk injury.
  • Only clean dance shoes; absolutely no street shoes or cover-ups in the studios.
  • Remove all jewelry prior to class—this includes necklaces, bracelets (wrist and ankle), watches, etc.  Stud earrings are fine (no dangling or hoop earrings).
  • No gum or candy in class.  No food or drinks are allowed in the studios except water in water bottles.
  • Clean up after class and remove any belongings including used water bottles.  If having a snack, always clean up afterwards.  If you spill something, clean it up and/or get some help.
  • No leaning on barres, walls, standing with hands on hips; no sitting down, talking or leaving the classroom without permission.   We treat the classroom as if it is our stage and conduct ourselves in class as we would in front of an audience.
  • Please thank all instructors at the end of class with a curtsey/bow, eye contact and a smile as you exit class.
  • Use the Locker Room for gathering your belongings only as it is not a social area to congregate.
  • When in the hallways, be respectful of all adults, teachers, peers, and dancers. Keep all belongings in your locker.
  • Only exit the facility when your ride has arrived.  Do not hang outside where you may be unsafe.
  • Be a role model. As a company member, you ARE one!

Program Benefits

In addition to offering stellar training, the program focuses on educating young people to strive for their personal best in anything they want to accomplish. We achieve our goals for the program by offering young people the chance to:

  • Gain a sense of balance in life by managing their commitments to both dance and academics;
  • Participate in a physical activity that enhances understanding of the value of a healthy body;
  • Develop a sense of confidence when speaking or making a presentation in a public setting, which is also a great benefit in college or job interviews;
  • Work with mentors who are focused on the students’ success inside and outside of the classroom;
  • Enjoy friendships that could last a lifetime and a sense of belonging to an extended family of fellow dancers, teachers, and parents;
  • Discover the results of hard work and determination and loyalty;
  • Develop a lifelong appreciation of the performing arts.


We believe that children’s success depends on the support of their parents or guardians. Because your commitment to the process makes an enormous difference, we encourage you to be a part of your child’s dance education.

Our programs rely on a positive atmosphere and educational experience for our faculty and students and their parents. Cooperation between all parents is expected. Showing respect—for other parents, the students, and the faculty—makes an important impression on the children. You are a role model for your child about how to interact with others in a professional setting.

Understanding Dance Education

As a parent, you play an important role in supporting your child financially, but your emotional support is of equal—and perhaps even greater value. Encourage your child to be the best that he or she can be regardless of what others may achieve.

Dance education encompasses far more than technique and the steps your children learn. We believe the discipline of dance training gives young people a better understanding of commitment through learning, experiencing the spirit of teamwork, and discovering what they can accomplish through hard work. Our goal is to educate the minds, bodies, and souls of our students, teaching them the skills needed for a successful life, whether or not they stay involved in dance.

  • You play an important role in supporting your child financially, but your emotional support is of equal—and perhaps even greater—value.

Dos and Don’ts

Some parents may compare their child’s progress or class placement to that of another child. Watch for this behavior in your children as well and encourage them to focus instead on their own accomplishments, strengths and projects.

Looking to other students for inspiration is good; however, making negative comparisons distracts children from focusing on becoming stronger dancers. In addition, speaking negatively about your child’s teachers, fellow students, or other parents in front of your child––or other students––could result in problems far beyond your original concerns. Often children will imitate a parent’s behavior with other adults or authority figures.

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s dance education, please discuss them with the director. Talking only to other parents can lead to misinformation and confusion. Please contact the office to set up an appointment; do not approach your child’s teachers or directors between or during classes or make contact outside of the school or on social media.

Parent Responsibilities

  • It is appreciated when all paperwork and payment deadlines are met.
  • Please be prompt in picking up your child.  If there is any reason you will be more than 5-10 minutes past your child’s ending class time  – please call the dance center – 755-6683.
  • If your student is here for an extended period of time, or for several classes, please send a healthy snack or some money with them for a snack/water. Please be sure that your student is aware of personal hygiene. This includes showering, shaving and using deodorant/antiperspirant.
  • Please be sure all belongings are marked with the dancer’s name.
  • If your student is a bit older, be sure to discuss your permission concerning their ability to leave OR not leave the facility without your supervision. GYDance is not responsible for students who leave the facility to visit area businesses without your supervision.


Volunteer at June Shows & Nutcracker minimum of 1 rehearsal and 1 show   This is required and does not meet volunteerism committee requirement. Each dancer must have at least one parent volunteer at each major production – Nutcracker(s) and June Show(s) backstage (rehearsal/show). Outstanding volunteers are part of a Volunteer Rewards Program.

For Dancers and Parents


The children and parents involved in the Company programs participate in many outside activities, all of which reflect GYDance philosophy.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • We never speak negatively about teachers, dancers, or parents from other schools.
  • We never create conflict with the directors or adjudicators of events in which we participate.
  • The school director handles all communication with the directors of our outside activities.
  • No parent or dancer may communicate with the organizers or directors of an event of which you are a guest. If you have a concern, please contact the director of our school.
  • Dancers and parents should be properly dressed for all events. Do not arrive at or leave any event in your dancewear; always wear a cover-up.
  • Go out there and show the audience how much you love to dance!

Artistic Decisions

Artistic Decisions are related to vision, staff, repertoire, sets, choreography, costuming, music, casting, technical training, dancers’ rules and regulations and production.  Please remember that there are three essential elements to the success of any performing arts:  an idea, an artist and the audience.  Vision is not static.  It is something that changes and evolves over time, and we respect our Artistic Director and these freedoms.  Matters regarding artistic decisions are closed for discussion. The dynamics created by parental pressures to cast or level a certain way are unhealthy for everyone, and the directors have set this boundary.  We will gladly share our input as to areas of accomplishment or improvement but will not respond to requests to discuss artistic decisions.

GYDance strives to fulfill two prime objectives in staging our professional-caliber performances:

1) to support the teaching objectives of GYDance.
2) to instill in our students and audience an appreciation for truth, beauty and goodness as expressed through a morally wholesome expression of performing arts.

Casting decisions, including any necessary changes, are at the sole discretion of the Artistic Director. Casting is done by auditions, class observation and/or rehearsal observation. Students and parents are expected to give their full and positive support to these often-difficult decisions. Both work talent and natural talent play a role in how your dancer progresses along with many other things.

Each student is a unique individual with different sets of physical, mental and emotional starting points and different rates of development.  When placing a student, we consider physical attributes such as age, coordination, strength, and stamina.  Sometimes friends may not be placed in the same class/level. Placement decisions are derived from many years of teaching experience and are highly individual and the factors that go into the decision are complex.

Anyone making negative comments about their casting or another dancer’s casting is in violation of acceptable conduct and will be dealt with accordingly, including the possibility of removal from the performance or from the Center.

  • Class placement and casting of students is highly individual and the factors that go into the decision are complex.



All dancers are expected to attend their regularly scheduled classes in addition to all rehearsals and performances. Members with poor attendance will be dismissed from the program. Dancers will receive a class schedule at the beginning of the season. Company members may also be expected to participate in additional classes, including master classes. There may be an additional charge for some master classes (a max of 5/season). Attendance is required as we depend on a certain number to be able to hold the extra class.

Injury Prevention and Help
Please inform the Artistic Director when an injury causes you to observe class along with a rehab plan from a qualified physician.  Dancers who need to observe class due to a non-contagious illness or injury are expected to dress for the class. It is appreciated when observers are interested in learning.  Parents should notify the director PRIOR to a dancer sitting out.
Wellspan Sports Medicine offers GYDance families a Hotline to contact regardless if an emergency or just guidance. This Hotline number is: 717-851-3136.  No need to be an emergency, just call the number and get a faster appointment!  They want our dancers to be treated as serious athletes and the hotline helps put them to the front of the line!



All rehearsals are dedicated to choreography or “cleaning” the choreography. A dancer who misses a rehearsal holds back the progress of the entire group. Repeating the choreography from a previous session for those who were absent takes up valuable rehearsal time, which could result in a performance that is not up to par. When we clean choreography, we may also change it. Dancers who miss a cleaning session may not be properly prepared for an upcoming performance and could end up disappointing themselves, their company, or the school.

 Dancers must attend all scheduled rehearsals.

 To report an unavoidable absence from class or rehearsal, do so on the REPORT ABSENCE Tab in the Student Center section of gydance.org. It is helpful when dancers give notification of planned absences well in advance.  

There are no make up lessons for missed classes or rehearsals for company members. Absences could result in a dancer being removed from a piece/performance. When the word MANDATORY is posted on the schedule, it means that or risk being pulled. Additional rehearsals may be scheduled if needed at the discretion of the director/teacher/choreographer. All dancers are required to participate. Any dancer excused from a rehearsal is responsible for learning any missed choreography before arriving for the next rehearsal.
Unexcused Absences: Absence from performance without notifying the Artistic Director well in advance or missing a rehearsal deemed mandatory could result in immediate dismissal or being dropped from future performances.  Once cast, dancers are expected to be at all scheduled performances.  Dancers who miss a performance for any reason risk being removed from the remainder of the season rep. 
Students are required to attend all classes scheduled before rehearsals and performances in order to be warmed up properly.

Performance BLACKOUT Two weeks prior to all performances, every dancer must attend all rehearsals and classes.  Absences from class must be made up during this time period and there may be absolutely no absences from rehearsal for any reason.  Blackout dates will be listed on the calendar.

Recognized Master Teachers & Choreographers are secured, and if you are not available to attend the scheduled rehearsals/classes, you will most likely be pulled from their piece.  Dancers must attend ALL choreography sessions – from beginning to end or not considered for performance.


A sense of loyalty empowers our dance family. Company members should not take class, compete or perform with other companies or schools without first discussing it with the Artistic Director.

  • Dancers: True progress is made when you look at each class, rehearsal, or performance as an opportunity to become better at what you love to do.


Performances – Theatre and Backstage Rules

We perform in a wide range of venue settings from the Strand Capitol Performing Arts Center stage to a portable stage at an Expo. No matter where the venue is, we expect all dancers to act professionally. No eating or drinking is allowed in the auditorium, stage or dressing rooms, —only designated eating areas. We are teaching respect for the theatre, the facility and each other. Running, yelling, food in the theatre, smoking, and recording are not permitted. If you see anyone showing such disrespect, either STOP THEM or REPORT THEM to a director.

When not onstage, dancers must remain backstage and in dressing rooms for security reasons. They may not walk out into the lobby unless they have been dismissed and are in street clothing or an appropriate cover-up. No costumes should ever leave the backstage area unless approved by Artistic Director. Dancers are expected to respect other dancers’ space and property in the dressing rooms at all times. Please do your best to keep organized and clean. Dancers must not get into other dancer’s bags or property.


Dancers should arrive at the call time (if early, please wait in vehicle w/parent), Check In at designated area, report to dressing room/performance area completely prepared as the Performance Details list on the online calendar.


Dancers should be promptly picked up at the end call time. If you will arrive later then 10 minutes, please contact us immediately to possibly set up an alternate pickup location. Many times, we are charged by the hour at the venue we are renting and are also paying the crew that has been hired and do not want to stay past our intended end time as designated. Other times, the staff may have other important commitments already scheduled. If you are running late for any reason or need to reach us, text 717-745-6683 (this is a cellphone).

Performance Reminders

All performance details (formerly Performance Calls) such as Arrival, Performance and Dismissal times as well as costume/makeup/hair requirements will be listed in the Description of each event on the Online Calendar. In addition, all dancers and parents should follow these guidelines each time a performance is scheduled.

  • Please label ALL your items.
  • Bring basket, labeled with your name, for quick changes, if you have any.
  • Arrive with makeup and hair fully done (unless otherwise noted) ready for first role in order of show.
  • DANCERS who perform on POINTE SHOES must have needles w/thread ready to baste in the ribbons.
  • All dancers should have performance attire – quality tights, shoes, black jazz pants, etc.
  • Bring a pair of socks to wear over your ballet/pointe/jazz shoes when going to and from the side stage. We ask the socks be taken off before stepping onto the dance floor. No fabric softeners on the socks.
  • NO EYEGLASSES – dancers at this level should consider investing in contact lens.
  • Cellphones MUST be turned off and put away 30 minutes prior to Performances & Rehearsals.
  • Bring CLEAR drinks and HEALTHY food to keep you nourished and energized.
  • When arriving to the theatre, please go to the Check-in table to be accounted for. Please place your belongings into your dressing room and proceed to the stage or follow the directions of the stage managers.
  • Dancers are not permitted to leave the theatre at any time.
  • Dressing room assignments are made by the Directors and are made for a wide variety of reasons and needs.  Please do not override the rooms set.  Performers must remain in their assigned dressing rooms during performances until directed to go to the stage.  Please clean up before departing.
  • The use of cameras of any kind are prohibited anywhere in the building for Nutcracker, including the dressing rooms unless specifically announced otherwise.
  • Students who are understudies need to be onstage, on deck and ready to rehearse.
  • Performers are not permitted to watch from the audience during down time unless directed to do so by the Artistic Director or Stage Managers.
  • While in costume, there is to be no eating and drinking or sitting on the floor.  Should you have an accident and the costume is soiled or damaged in any way, please go directly to detailing.
  • Headpieces are to be worn on the RIGHT side and should be secured with bobby pins or sewn into place. Be sure to “X” bobby pins. Hats should be punctured with a scissors or pin and then pinned in place.
  • No jewelry is to be worn; small stud earrings are acceptable.
  • No Gum or candy backstage. No food or drink may be near costumes.
  • Clear nail polish preferred (and only thing allowed for ballet/modern).
  • Unless otherwise specified, straps should meet like a “V” in the back.
  • No underpants are to be worn under tights or costumes.
  • Do not sunbathe and get tan lines or burnt bodies and bright red faces; they are not attractive onstage under those bright lights.
  • Depending on the wardrobe or costume, dancers may need to provide a nude bodystocking to be worn underneath.
  • We expect all dancers to do their best by being prepared and working as team players at all times.


Members will have a locker designated to them, when available and earned. Those who take more classes get first priority lockers. Lockers are considered GYDance property and are not the personal property of the dancer.  Lockers may be opened by staff at any time deemed necessary.  Please keep them clean and be sure to give us the combination if you have placed a lock onto it. Dancers who do not yet have lockers need to put their personal items UNDER the bench or on the locker room shelf. Personal items and bags may not be left randomly on the locker room floor as the locker room is used by everyone at GYDance.


  • Small scissors
  • Cotton squares, cotton swabs
  • Bandaids, First Aid tape/Scotch Tape/Toe Tape (pointe shoes)
  • Foot Deodorant Spray (recommend The Body Shoppe Mint Spray)
  • Antibacterial Body Wipes/Baby wipes (work great on smelly feet)
  • Body Spray/Perfume
  • Nail clipper, file
  • Feminine Products
  • Pain Relievers (Tylenol/Advil), Antacids, Inhalers
  • Deodorant
  • Hairbrush/Comb, Hairspray, Gel, Water in Spray Bottle
  • Bobby pins, Hair pins, Hair nets, Black or clear Hairbands (no other colors), hair flowers
  • Eyelash Glue and toothpicks for False Lash application
  • Safety pins or sewing kit with a few pink-threaded needles
  • Needle and Thread – threaded and ready to go w/pink thread for basting of pointe shoe ribbons
  • Towel/Yoga Mat/Theraband/Tennis ball
  • Clean Socks – never washed in fabric softener
  • Extra dance shoes
  • Tights, bodystocking, official black leotard
  • Pen & notebook


Dress Code Requirements

The most up-to-date Dress Code is listed under STUDENT CENTER, DRESS CODE of gydance.org. 


Note:  *BOYS make-up is subtle and done backstage by volunteers.
Required Make-up – New! Make Up Kits are coming! Order at front desk.

The kits will contain everything you need except YOU WILL NEED TO PROVIDE:

*Please do not add anything except what is listed below.

  • Foundation – any matte foundation that matches your skin tone. The dancer MUST have on foundation before Studio Fix powder.
  • Powder/Foundation – MAC Studio Fix, NC 20 or *37 *for olive or darker skin tones, see A.D. if questionable.
    *No highlighting/contour powders – use the blush in the kit.
  • Eyebrow pencil – light brown or color to match brows
  • False Eyelashes

Eyebrows    Pluck brows, if needed (By age 12, it’s needed!)

  • Find the shape of your brows by placing a pencil alongside the nose and aligning it with the inside corner of eye
  • Place pencil alongside nose and angle it toward outside corner of eye — that is where brow should end
  • Define brows lightly with eyebrow pencil (color to match brows)

Moisturizer, Concealer, Foundation, Powder

  • Wash face then apply moisturizer and/or primer on face as needed; not on eyelids
  • Apply foundation (MUST have foundation applied any Matte version that matches your skine tone)
  • Apply generously, blending well for a porcelain finish
  • Apply foundation powder (MAC STUDIO FIX) with brush


  • Define cheeks with blush cheek color by feeling along the underside of the cheekbone; start by applying the color in line with the center of the ear; blending it along the bone 2 fingers from the base of the nostrils
  • Lightly sweep a little on sides of forehead in the shape of a “c” from cheek to forehead

     Hint:  when applying make-up to the eyes, lift chin and lean close to the mirror with the eyes open

  • Apply False eyelashes (before mascara)
  • Apply eye color as instructed by director in-person at Nutcracker Ballet meeting.
  • Apply Black eyeliner on top and dark brown on bottom
  • Apply Black mascara to top and bottom lashes


  • Fill and line lips with Passion Pink lip pencil


  • Company dancers care about their performances and do their best to look their best!

Policies and OTHER Important Information

June Show Performances Dues   Add-on classes have performance dues.


Dancers have use of costumes for ballet productions.  Everything will be provided except shoes and tights.   Dancers are responsible for their care while they are wearing them; dancers should not sit in costumes or eat and drink while in a costume.  Immediately report any costume damage to the detailing Director, Nan Taylor.  On occasion, dancers may be asked to supply an item such as a leotard, jeans, etc. as part of a costume. Add-on classes have a June Show dues associated with them.


Membership Drive

We encourage everyone not to pay this but rather to seek memberships from the community.


We offer participation-optional fund-raisers for everyone to defray their expenses. Credits are posted to your online accounts.

About YAGP (Youth America Grand Prix)

Selected dancers (upper levels of Midstate Ballet) will be invited to compete on an individual or ensemble (group) basis.  Note: This is an international ballet competition, not a “Dance Moms” type event. Deadline to register will be September 30 of each season. Participation is by invitation only, but if you have interest, please tell the director during summer program. Dancers who commit to competing, also commit to taking the master classes during the event, often the following day. In order to claim that you are representing GYDance or the Midstate Ballet, dancers need be presenting work that is acceptable and approved by the Artistic Director.

Summer Program

Maintaining momentum through the summer is essential for progress. The Summer Intensive is a mandatory activity for all company dancers. The Summer 2017 Dates, featuring Master Teachers and Guest Artists, will be listed on the calendar as soon as they become available. Around the first of the year, auditions begin for national summer programs of study for older dancers, typically age 14+.  GYDance artistic staff is more than happy to assist in the process and ask that you keep us informed by communicating with the Artistic Director prior to auditioning.  It is always appreciated when requests for letters of recommendation or teacher evaluations are made well in advance to allow for adequate time in the preparation of these important documents.  We enjoy assisting in selecting photographs, finalizing video selections, and in the entire process as it unfolds.
*Please note: Midstate Ballet dancers are responsible for the payment of the full Summer Intensive Program in order to continue membership. It is not pro-rated if a dancer is not in attendance for each of the weeks regardless
if they are missing due to a vacation or have elected to pay for another professional summer dance program.


Code of Conduct & Termination of Enrollment

A demerit system may be used to keep conduct in line and fair. Students receiving the maximum number of demerits will not be included in company activities, classes or performances. Failure to comply with the required conduct will result in dismissal from the classroom, rehearsal, performance or dance company membership. In certain circumstances, when it is in the best interest of one or more students, it may be necessary for the school director to terminate a student’s enrollment. Every effort will be made to correct a problematic situation before terminating enrollment. Reasons for termination of enrollment include the following:

  • Disruptive or dangerous behavior by students or their parents
  • Abuse of other children, staff, or property
  • Inability of GYDance to meet the student’s needs
  • Poor attitude; in ability to “see the light” in self or others

If a Company dancer is dismissed or leaves the program, an understudy will replace him or her. The student leaving the team is expected to turn in all costumes or GYDance property to the school office.
Student and Parent Use of Social Media

Use of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram, blogging, and other online social media vehicles is commonplace. This policy is intended to provide GYDance students and parents with guidelines to eliminate any
confusion concerning the use of social media.

  • You DO NOT have permission to reveal any information that compromises GYDance. By that, we mean you are forbidden to share personal information about the director, other students or their families, or anything that is proprietary and/or confidential to them or GYDance.
  • Students and parents should neither claim nor imply that they are speaking on behalf of GYDance.
  • If you post videos of class or rehearsals, don’t post any choreography in its entirety; GYDance owns the copyright to all choreography taught at the school.
  • Respect the law, including those laws governing defamation, discrimination, harassment, and copyright and fair use. As stated in this handbook, parents and students should never post negative comments about other schools or teachers. Also, please do not post negative comments about activities such as workshops, adjudications, conventions, and performances or about the directors of those events.
  • Ensure that your social networking conduct is consistent with all of the policies contained in this handbook.

Website – www.gydance.org
We are constantly updating our website. News, important parent and student information, contact information, and more are available online 24 hours a day. The Student Center is a first Go-To place for info.


Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/GYDance

“Like” the GYDance page on Facebook to receive daily updates on school events. Please invite your family and friends to “like” the school. Also, company members should be sure to join the Performing Company private page(s) and sign up for text or email notifications. Please do not post questions on the Facebook page.

A Final Note

With so many opportunities and so much past success, let’s make this the BEST season on record!